Cannabis Couriers Coming to Portland

-Portland Cannabis Delivery   Portland cannabis delivery will soon be here. Regular customers of Oregon dispensaries may have noticed that cannabis rules seem to be in a constant state of flux. The rules and limits for the entire… Read More

Discreetly Getting High for the Holidays

Discreetly Getting High for the Holidays Discreetly getting high for the holidays is important to lots of people. Family gatherings are just around the corner for so many of us. Meanwhile people are faced with the challenge of… Read More

Medical Marijuana Correlates to Fewer Traffic Fatalities

Medical Marijuana Correlates to Fewer Traffic Fatalities According to High Times, there were fewer traffic fatalities statistically in legal medical marijuana states. A study at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health researched how medical marijuana correlates to… Read More

Cannabis May Serve Crucial Role in Sports Medicine

Concussions and Sports – Cannabis May Serve Crucial Role Concussions are serious business. They seem to be an unavoidable consequence of many sports. Awareness is growing surrounding CTE – chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is a progressive degenerative brain… Read More

What the DEA’s Ruling on CBD Really Means

the DEA’s Ruling: CBD Extracts Schedule I The DEA recently announced that all cannabinoid extracts, including pure CBD extracts, should require their own Controlled Substance Code Numbers that are separate from cannabis plants. Cannabinoid extracts should be Schedule… Read More

Is Cannabis an Aphrodisiac?

Recent Study Suggests Cannabis An Aphrodisiac As reported in Civilized, a new study in the Pharmacological Research journal suggests that cannabis may be a good aphrodisiac. The study looked at research done in the 1970s and 1980s on… Read More

Most of California’s Cannabis not up to Oregon’s Testing Standards

California’s Cannabis Would Not Meet Oregon’s Testing Standards As reported in SFGate, most of the cannabis grown in California would not meet Oregon’s testing standards. For example, growers must test Oregon cannabis for pesticides, moisture, and potency. Testing… Read More

Canada May Legalize Recreational Cannabis in 2017

Good News Up North – Canada May Legalize Recreational Cannabis With the presidency of Donald Trump looming ahead, many in the U.S. are thinking about fleeing to Canada. Good news if they are cannabis consumers. Our neighbors to… Read More

Portland Juice Co. Experiments with Culinary Cannabis

Juicing Cannabis Cannabis juicing? We’ve written about cannabis edibles and other products that are currently on the market in the past. There is a new product in town. Juicing cannabis! With most cannabis edibles, the aim is usually… Read More

How Will Donald Trump’s Administration Handle Cannabis?p

-What Will Trump’s Cannabis Policy Be?   Donald Trump has been clear about where he stands on many domestic policy issues. The President-Elect’s stance on cannabis has been less clear, however. Green Rush Daily has done the work… Read More