Cannabis May Serve Crucial Role in Sports Medicine

Concussions: Cannabis May Serve Crucial Role Concussions and Sports – Cannabis May Serve Crucial Role

Concussions are serious business. They seem to be an unavoidable consequence of many sports. Awareness is growing surrounding CTE – chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is a progressive degenerative brain disease caused by repeated brain injuries, commonly found in football players. In addition to football, traumatic brain injuries are also common in cycling and baseball. Despite this, there are currently no effective treatments for concussions available. However, there is mounting evidence that cannabis might serve crucial role.

Cannabis Could Be Beneficial – Illinois Agrees

Cannabis has been shown to reduce the damage caused by traumatic brain injuries and seems to act as a neuroprotective agent. Weed News quotes Dr. Dustin Sulak, “Cannabis could potentially be beneficial to all sports, but especially those with high risk for head injury, because it can likely protect participants from the long term consequences of concussion and brain trauma.” The state of Illinois currently recognizes cannabis as an approved treatment for post-concussion syndrome, but it’s the only state to explicitly do so. Regardless, cannabis remains on the NFL’s list of banned substances. Ironic, seeing as NFL players stand to gain the most from the neuroprotection that cannabis could provide.

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