Canada May Legalize Recreational Cannabis in 2017

Canada May Legalize Recreational CannabisGood News Up North – Canada May Legalize Recreational Cannabis

With the presidency of Donald Trump looming ahead, many in the U.S. are thinking about fleeing to Canada. Good news if they are cannabis consumers. Our neighbors to the north are thinking of making it legal.

According to The Inlander, Canada may legalize cannabis as soon as 2017. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be issuing a report this week outlining the details of the proposed legislation. Following the report, Canada’s parliament will consider the issue during their spring session.

Long-Time Legalization Proponents

In conclusion, Trudeau has long been a proponent of the legalization of cannabis. In addition, his official party platform pushes for the legalization, regulation, and taxation of cannabis.

Read the full article on The Inlander.

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