Portland Juice Co. Experiments with Culinary Cannabis

Juicing CannabisJuicing Cannabis

Cannabis juicing? We’ve written about cannabis edibles and other products that are currently on the market in the past. There is a new product in town. Juicing cannabis!

With most cannabis edibles, the aim is usually to isolate the active components of cannabis with out the natural flavors of cannabis.

As the WWeek reports, Portland Juice Co. is doing the opposite. Rather they’ve begun working with the potential of leaves of cannabis. They’ve begun making cold-pressed juice from hemp leaves (which are normally a waste product). The cannabis juice, which is non-active and contains small amounts of THC and CBD, is mixed with other juices to create the Ananda juice blend.

Finally word is the juice tastes like cannabis. No word yet about when products come to market.

Read the full article on The Willamette Week.

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