Pot Cafes Are Coming to Denver

The Birth of Pot Cafes? In the midst of all the news about California and other states legalizing cannabis, one bit of weed news has slipped us by: Denver has become the first city to legalize the public… Read More

State-by-State Marijuana Legalization Predictions (UPDATED 11/11/2016)

We have updated this page with the results of marijuana legalization! Cannabis won big on November 8th. Our predictions were 66% accurate… but we have to say, we’re okay with that. For example, we predicted Arkansas wouldn’t pass… Read More

Legalization Spotlight: Arkansas

The South May be Changing The South may be changing, according to The Cannabist. It’s undeniable that a cultural shift is underway and that cannabis is gaining mainstream acceptance. However, most of the measurable change has occurred in… Read More

Election Day and the Future of Legal Pot

The Race to Legalize Marijuana Election day is just around the corner. While November 8th will no doubt be a momentous occasion regardless of who wins the presidential race. Voter will decide another race on election day: The… Read More

NFL Players Support Cannabis Use for Pain Management

ESPN Survey of NFL Players In a survey conducted by ESPN The Magazine, nearly two-thirds of NFL players revealed a belief that the use of chemical painkillers would be reduced if players were able to use cannabis medicinally. Despite… Read More

“Cannabis Halloween Candy” Just the Latest Twist on an Old Urban Legend

Trick or Treat: Legal Recreational and Medical Marijuana and Anti-pot Rhetoric Recreational and medical marijuana are on the ballot in a number of states this fall. In some of those places the anti-pot rhetoric has taken on an… Read More

Cannabis Enhances Night Vision (Probably)

Fishermen Report Cannabis Enhances Night Vision Cannabis enhances night vision? Twenty-five years ago, The Guardian reported on a strange phenomenon in Jamaica: local fishermen that smoked cannabis or drank cannabis-infused rum seemed to have noticeably better night vision…. Read More

UK Government Acknowledges Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis

Medicinal Benefits of CBD Acknowledged in UK The UK has acknowledged the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Specifically, the UK acknowledged the benefits of the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol). According to the Independent, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency)… Read More

Satchel is one of The Willamette Week’s Four Favorite New Pot Shops!

One of Four Favorite New Pot Shops The Willamette Week’s 2016 Harvest Issue just dropped on Wednesday. This issue covers a range of hot topics relevant to the cannabis community, with articles on outdoor farming, sustainability and transparent farming… Read More

What The Willamette Week Learned from Their 2016 Office Grow

WWeek’s Office Grow With the harvest season upon them, The Willamette Week’s editor Sophia June shared what the staff over in The Potlander offices have learned from this year’s rooftop office grow experience. Contrary to the “Lazy Stoner”… Read More