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Welcome to Your Local Dispensary! 

Our Mission As Your Local Dispensary Is To:

  • Foster a safe and honest space for customers of all walks of life.
  • Provide educational information about cannabis to the public.
  • Maintain a high standard of quality for our products, ensuring we only stock the best.
  • Treat the community we call home with care and respect.
  • Be aware of our presence in the community and look after the space that we occupy.
  • Set an example of what a professional & compliant dispensary is, because we recognize our social responsibility.

Local Dispensary

Finding the cannabis that works for you is our mission.

No two people are quite the same. With this in mind, we want to help you find the right product for the right time. Firstly, it’s important to know the difference between the two types of cannabis: Indicas and Sativas. Indicas are known for their ability to treat pain as well as their calming, sedative highs. Consequently, many people use indicas at night as sleep aids. By contrast, sativas have less of a body high and more of a mental effect. Those seeking pain relief are able to obtain some of the pain relieving benefits with sativas, but without the relaxing effects brought on by indicas. Additionally, Satchel carries a range of CBD products. CBD is thought to assist with central nervous system disorders and many of other conditions.

This is what we’re here for. Whether you’re new to cannabis or an old school head, our staff wants to help find what’s right for you.

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