Most of California’s Cannabis not up to Oregon’s Testing Standards

Oregon's testing standards

California’s Cannabis Would Not Meet Oregon’s Testing Standards

As reported in SFGate, most of the cannabis grown in California would not meet Oregon’s testing standards. For example, growers must test Oregon cannabis for pesticides, moisture, and potency. Testing requirements are set by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Oregon’s testing standards and requirements are the strictest in the country. According to estimates, approximately 83% of California’s cannabis would not be able to pass these tests. Producers in California commonly use the pesticide myclobutanil. Myclobutanil can turn into the toxic substance hydrogen cyanide during combustion. In Oregon, plants that test positive for myclobutanil fail to meet the OLCC’s testing requirements.

California and Oregon Both Quality Producers

However, California and Oregon both produce high-quality cannabis. As an example, famous genetic lines come from both states. It appears, however, the difference is in the cultivation practices. As a result, Oregon’s cannabis is the cleanest in the nation. “Growers will significantly need to adapt their cultivation operations to address the high prevalence of pesticides, both to meet the state’s new regulations and to address the growing concerns among consumers about the quality of cannabis they are ingesting,” according to a press release from New Frontier Data.

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