Tipping Point Approaching for Federal Marijuana Reform

Marijuana Reform Reaching Tipping Point As reported in The Hill, nine states are preparing to vote on legalizing marijuana in November. Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada will be voting on legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use. While… Read More

Did Cannabis Trigger the Birth of Western Civilization?

Did Cannabis Use Trigger the Birth of Civilization 5,000 years ago, the mass migration of the Yamnaya people sowed the seeds for modern culture in both Europe and Asia — perhaps literally. Originally from the Pontic Steppe, the… Read More

Veteran Shares Success Story of Cannabis as Treatment for PTSD

Vets using Cannabis for PTSD As Alicia Wallace reports in The Cannabist, Air Force vet. Stephen Otero is fighting for PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) to be added as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana use in Colorado. Veteran,… Read More

Poll Results Show Republicans Favor Legalization of Cannabis

In a survey that’s just been released by YouGov, a slight majority of republicans now support the legalization of cannabis. The results show that 45% of republicans believe cannabis should be legalized, 42% say it should not, and… Read More

Portland Summer Fair Promises Fun in the Sun for Cannabis Enthusiasts

The Oregon Cannabis Association has organized a cannabis festival taking place on July 24 that they’ve dubbed The Summer Fair. They have already sold out of tickets — sort of. Portland officials have been trying to crack down… Read More

Cannabis Offers Relief for Patients with Bowel Problems

Interest in medical marijuana among patients with various bowel disorders is on the rise, according to an article published by David Wild in Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News. Wild references a 2014 study that shows “between 16% and 50%… Read More

Sex & Chronic Pain: Can Cannabis Help?

Sex & Chronic Pain In a recent article posted on Leafly, Ashley Manta explores the use of cannabis for pain relief during sexual activity. Sex can be a difficult thing for many people with chronic pain. As Manta’s… Read More

The Willamette Week’s Potlander Has Begun their Annual Office Cannabis Grow

The Potlander Cannabis Grow The staff of The Potlander have a developed a new tradition. Most other newspapers would probably find a bit unconventional, to say the least. Every summer, they plant some clones up on their roof and… Read More