Veteran Shares Success Story of Cannabis as Treatment for PTSD

Iraqi Freedom Veteran hat with Prescription Pill Bottles

Matthew Woitunski

Vets using Cannabis for PTSD

As Alicia Wallace reports in The Cannabist, Air Force vet. Stephen Otero is fighting for PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) to be added as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana use in Colorado.

Veteran, Otero is an advocate for natural medicine and for personal choice.

After his diagnosis with PTSD in 2008, doctors gave him drugs to contain the aggression that he dealt with. Otero was taking seven to eight pills daily some highly addictive.

After a suicide attempt, Otero tried cannabis and found it “worked 100 times better” than the pills he’d been using did.

He became a daily user of cannabis. Four years later, Otero is living a more normal life with his wife and twins. Giving vets access to any option that provides relief is the least we can do. After all these brave men and women have been put in harms way to protect our nation.

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