Satchel is one of The Willamette Week’s Four Favorite New Pot Shops!

One of Four Favorite New Pot Shops The Willamette Week’s 2016 Harvest Issue just dropped on Wednesday. This issue covers a range of hot topics relevant to the cannabis community, with articles on outdoor farming, sustainability and transparent farming… Read More

What The Willamette Week Learned from Their 2016 Office Grow

WWeek’s Office Grow With the harvest season upon them, The Willamette Week’s editor Sophia June shared what the staff over in The Potlander offices have learned from this year’s rooftop office grow experience. Contrary to the “Lazy Stoner”… Read More

The Potlander Knows to Keep Their Plants Dry

The Potlander’s remaining rooftop plants have been doing remarkably well! They had to trim a large section from one of the plants for fear of bud rot brought in by the early seasonal rain. If they didn’t take… Read More

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Sufferers An Issue of Life & Death

Marijuana for Chronic Pain In a study recently put out by the American Journal of Public Health. A connection was found between the legalization of medical marijuana (MMJ) and reduced opioid-related car crashes. To begin with the study… Read More

The Potlander’s Clones have Begun to Flower

  The Potlander‘s Annual Rooftop Grow has entered week 12 and, at long last, their plants have begun to flower! The clones have grown a lot since we last saw them six weeks ago, thanks largely to The… Read More

High Sex vs. Drunk Sex: NYU Investigates

Marijuana and Sex As reported in Green Rush Daily, researchers at NYU recently published a scientific study that measures, records, and compares the psychosocial and physical effects of using both alcohol vs. marijuana and sex . Both can… Read More

It’s Official: Arizona to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana This November

Arizona Legalizing Marijuana As reported in High Times, pro-pot Petitioners in the state of Arizona have won in bringing cannabis to a vote in the November elections. Legalizing marijuana in Arizona requires at least 150,642 signatures for a… Read More

DEA Rejects Petition to Reclassify Cannabis, But Will Allow More Research

DEA Will Not Reclassify Cannabis Cannabis is at present a Schedule I Illegal Substance, along with heroin. The DEA’s decision to not reclassify Cannabis according to them is based on the theory cannabis doesn’t have any accepted medical… Read More

Olympic Athletes Can Smoke Weed Without Risking Disqualification

Olympians Can Smoke Weed Without Being Disqualified When Canadian Ross Rebagliati won the first gold medal for snowboarding at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan, he unintentionally sparked a controversy whose effects are still playing out today. After… Read More

The Potlander’s Office Cannabis Grow Hits Six Week Mark. How Are the Plants?

Potlander’s Office Grow Update Six weeks into The Potlander’s annual Office Cannabis Grow, the staff are sharing some of the lessons they’ve learned along the way. The number one thing they’ve learned so far: Plants need water! They’ve… Read More