Sex & Chronic Pain: Can Cannabis Help?

Sex & Chronic PainSex & Chronic Pain

In a recent article posted on Leafly, Ashley Manta explores the use of cannabis for pain relief during sexual activity. Sex can be a difficult thing for many people with chronic pain.

As Manta’s interviewees Robin Wilson-Beattie and Alex Morgan explain, chronic pain can sap your energy, restrict your mobility, diminish your desire, and may be associated with nerve damage. Cannabis products can be used to mitigate these effects allowing chronic pain sufferers to regain control over their sexuality.

Cannabis infused oil (such as the ones made by Luminous Botanicals, which Satchel now carries!) offer one solution: they can be applied topically to increase sensation and decrease pain. Another option offered by the article is to vape with CBD.

To learn more, click here to read the full interview on Leafly.

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