Portland Makes Steps Towards Fixing Cannabis Rules

Portland Begins To Rebuild Cannabis Rules

Cannabis RulesFirstly fixing cannabis rules was one of the mayor’s campaign promises. At present Mayor Wheeler is making slow progress towards his goal.

Secondly Wheeler has stated that the bureau most need of reform is the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI). And has already replaced ONI’s previous head.

The bureaus previous head of ONI was Amanda Fritz. Who was unfriendly to cannabis business’ needs. Now the industry is hoping for better relations with ONI.

Newly elected Chloe Eudaly is hoping improve relations with cannabis business’. Moreover she has appointed David Austin to the position of director of ONI and BDS.

Mr. Austin has made progress but still has some work left to do with cannabis rules.

In Conclusion this city is growing rapidly and there are new issues every day. It’s hard to create new rules with a building boom and serious issues in the city.

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