Cannabis Could Treat Migraines

-Cannabis for Migraines

Cannabis MigrainesMigraines are very painful, issues that many people deal with on a regular and ongoing basis. Migraines often include headaches. But there are other symptoms as well including nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, loss of coordination, and problems with vision.

Many people who suffer from migraines have “hangovers” for days. This is due to the severity and duration of the symptoms during episodes. Treatments can include a variety of medicines. Some of which have nasty side effects or the potential for addiction.

However, it may be possible for sufferers to find some relief through cannabis, according to Leafly.

Cannabis is used to treat pain and nausea. Many sufferers try THC or CBD as an alternative to addictive opioid painkillers. Perhaps cannabis could prove to work for many people with migraines that are looking for other remedies.

Many people are unaware that until the outlawing of cannabis. it was a major part of the medicine chest and doctors of the day would have been aware of the healing powers of this plant.

Patients with this condition may try either low dose edibles or vape pens. One might try the vape pen first to determine if it provides any relief. If so then perhaps longer release time of edibles might control baseline pain. Then during periods of extreme pain, the patient will use a vape pen.


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