“Indica” and “Sativa” May Not Mean What You Think


-Indica, Sativa and Indica sativaHybrid


As discussed in The Cannabist, strains are lumped into two categories: Sativas, which are better suited to daytime use; and Indicas, which are better for nighttime use and are more sedative.

Most strains are hybrids of the two, but will still tend to fall more on the indica or sativa side. Max Montrose from Trichome Instutute came on The Cannabist Show to discuss the chemistry behind different kinds of highs. Because of the high degree of hybridization, terpenes may play a bigger role in what kind of cannabis high people experience. At least according to Montrose: “It’s terpene-dependent. It’s the terpenes that will dictate the experience from cannabis, not really the cannabinoids”. Some terpenes are more common in indica than in sativa, however. Each strain has a unique effect, which is why having a good budtender is of value when selected the correct strain.

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