About Us


Why Satchel?

One of the owners of Satchel grew up in Minnesota and Satchel was the established code word for pot i.e- “you got a satchel for sale?” After a few brainstorming sessions Satchel stuck out and the rest is history.


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Our Mission As Your

Local Dispensary Is:

Our Cannabis dispensary will-

  • Foster a safe and honest dispensary for customers of all walks of life.
  • Provide educational information about cannabis to the public.
  • Maintain a high standard of quality for our products, ensuring
    we only stock the best
  • Treat the community we call home with care and respect.
  • Be aware of our presence in the community and look after the space that we occupy.
  • Set an example of what a professional & compliant cannabis dispensary is because we recognize our social responsibility.


Cannabis Dispensary
We weigh all of our flowers at the point of sale, allowing customers to get a closeup view of their purchases.

Finding the cannabis that works for you is our mission.

Finding the right strain, for the right time…..

Meet Our Amazing Budtenders

Let our knowledgeable Budtenders educate you about the differences between indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis strains and how they will affect you. We can advise you of the various ingestion methods and the different effects from each method and which will work for what you’re looking for.

Check out the range of CBD products we carry. Which are thought to assist with central nervous system disorders and many other conditions.

This is what our budtenders are here for. Whether you’re new to cannabis or an old-school head, our staff is here to help you find the product that’s right for you.

Learn more about the history of cannabis geography and culture, check out our Cannabis 101 article!

Keep an eye on our menu page for the current promotional deals!