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Meet Our Budtenders

The Budtender is often seen as a retail cannabis counselor. Providing information to new a returning customers.

We would like to remind you they are people to and would like to introduce you to Portland’s best budtenders.


Manager- Ashley

What’s your favorite method to consume cannabis? Bong rips!

What do you do in your spare time? I have my own wire wrap jewelry business, and spend my spare time making pieces, and going to and selling at music festivals.

What’s some music you’d play in the dispensary? Downtempo melodic happy music, I enjoy putting soundcloud on and letting it play new artists I’ve never heard before.

What’s something people should know about Satchel? I love weed! This job has taught me a lot and I’m excited to share my knowledge with the public/customers!

Last awesome show? Shameless.

Time cannabis has been there for you? Since starting to smoke I noticed a change in my attitude, I was always hyper or high strung so its calming effects are much needed for me.