What The Willamette Week Learned from Their 2016 Office Grow

office grow
WW Staff

WWeek’s Office Grow

With the harvest season upon them, The Willamette Week’s editor Sophia June shared what the staff over in The Potlander offices have learned from this year’s rooftop office grow experience.

Contrary to the “Lazy Stoner” stereotypes that have permeated pop culture for decades. Growing weed takes a lot of effort. From moving the plants daily to maximize sunlight, to lugging gallons upon gallons of water to the roof, checking the roots, checking the soil, watching for bud rot.

Cultivating cannabis properly requires constant vigilance. Even when you’re doing everything perfectly, some plants might just not grow. Still, four of the five plants grew to be pretty large. Not as large as they would have been had they been planted earlier in the season, but still quite respectable!

Read the full recap here.

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