The Government Says Cannabis Helps Cure Cancer

Does Cannabis Cure Cancer? Ironically enough despite cannabis being labeled a schedule I drug with “no medicinal value” the government-funded National Cancer Institute seems to beg to differ. According to the NIH’s National Cancer Institute, there are many… Read More

Cannabis Could be Coming to Schools in Washington

-Medical Cannabis in School?   The parent of a 7-year-old Washington medical marijuana patient is seeking to be allowed to give medical cannabis in school to their child. At present, although it’s legal in Washington to use cannabis… Read More

New Study Supports Cannabis as Non-Addictive Pain Reliever

-Cannabis For Pain Relief Science Daily recently reported on a new study looking at cannabis for pain relief. The study was done by Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). The study shows that cannabis may be helpful for… Read More

Cannabis Could Treat Migraines

-Cannabis for Migraines Migraines are very painful, issues that many people deal with on a regular and ongoing basis. Migraines often include headaches. But there are other symptoms as well including nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound,… Read More

Petition Calls for DEA to “Stop Lying” About Cannabis

-Petition Calls for DEA to “Stop Lying” About Cannabis The Weed Blog reported on a petition. Asking Obama to force the DEA to tell the truth about cannabis. It states it’s “illegal for federal agencies to distribute false information.”… Read More

Portland Makes Steps Towards Fixing Cannabis Rules

Portland Begins To Rebuild Cannabis Rules Firstly fixing cannabis rules was one of the mayor’s campaign promises. At present Mayor Wheeler is making slow progress towards his goal. Secondly Wheeler has stated that the bureau most need of… Read More

“Indica” and “Sativa” May Not Mean What You Think

. -Indica, Sativa and Hybrid   As discussed in The Cannabist, strains are lumped into two categories: Sativas, which are better suited to daytime use; and Indicas, which are better for nighttime use and are more sedative. Most… Read More

CBD Classed as Medicine in UK

CBD Recognized as Medicine in the UK In stark contrast to the DEA’s recent ruling that CBD should be included as a Schedule I drug. The UK has decided to reclassify the drug and allow the use of… Read More

Retired NFL Player Speaks Out About Cannabis

Retired NFL Player Speaks Out About Former NFL Cannabis Use Former Philadelphia Eagles lineman Todd Herremans recently opened up about his NFL cannabis use during his career. As reported in Ganjapreneur, Herremans used it to manage pain. NFL… Read More

What the DEA’s Ruling on CBD Really Means

the DEA’s Ruling: CBD Extracts Schedule I The DEA recently announced that all cannabinoid extracts, including pure CBD extracts, should require their own Controlled Substance Code Numbers that are separate from cannabis plants. Cannabinoid extracts should be Schedule… Read More