Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Sufferers An Issue of Life & Death

marijuana for chronic pain

Marijuana for Chronic Pain

In a study recently put out by the American Journal of Public Health. A connection was found between the legalization of medical marijuana (MMJ) and reduced opioid-related car crashes.

To begin with the study was done over a fourteen year period between 1999 and 2013, spanning 18 states. In states where MMJ legislation was passed, it was found that there were fewer opioid-related car accidents compared to the states that had not passed such laws.

The Washington Post reports that this study adds to the theory that sufferers of chronic pain are likely to use MMJ to manage their pain when given the choice. Reducing the need for opiate based painkillers. Finally, MMJ has also been linked to a decrease in painkiller use and overdose related deaths.

For the ever growing problem of opiate usage and addiction, MMJ maybe part of the solution. For those who suffer from chronic pain MMJ allows for a better quality of life while still helping with pain.

Check out the full article over at The Washington Post.

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