Early Cannabis Rec Sales Ending December 31st

  • Early Cannabis Rec Sales

Early Cannabis Rec Sales Ending


Early cannabis rec sales are ending in Oregon. Oregon rec customers may soon need to find new pot shops. Of course, this depends on what their store of choice will do on Jan 1st.

Rules have allowed Medical shops to sell to rec customers since Oct of last year. Early sales will end on Dec 31st. All shops in Oregon will then have to choose whether they will be medical or rec. Medical shops carrying licenses from the OHA (Oregon Health Authority) or rec shops carrying license from the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission).

Medical patients that shop at rec shops will still be able to make purchases. However, all medical shops that have been doing early rec sales are now OHA licensed. However, a few shops have already made the switch to OLCC (including Satchel). Do you know if your favorite pot shop will flip to rec in January?

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