DEA Rejects Petition to Reclassify Cannabis, But Will Allow More Research

DEA Will Not Reclassify Cannabislady justice

Cannabis is at present a Schedule I Illegal Substance, along with heroin. The DEA’s decision to not reclassify Cannabis according to them is based on the theory cannabis doesn’t have any accepted medical uses and has a high potential of abuse. Proving that cannabis has medical uses or doing any research on cannabis is difficult for scientists. As for some time the University of Mississippi has been the only campus allowed to grow cannabis for research.

The new DEA rules will allow more colleges to grow cannabis for research. Could this research lead to the DEA finally reclassifying cannabis? “If the scientific understanding about marijuana changes — and it could change — then the decision could change,” said the DEA. The statement that it could change is at least a step in the right direction for legalization activists.


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