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To begin with Satchel has contributed three clones to The Potlander‘s 2016 Office Cannabis Grow: BC Pinewarp, The Purps, and The Big. Check back here regularly to see how the plants develop!

Week 14: What The Willamette Week Learned from Their 2016 Office Grow

Weed Plant with Sunglasses
WW Staff

With the harvest season upon them, The Willamette Week’s editor Sophia June shared what the staff over in The Potlander offices have learned from this year’s rooftop grow experience. Contrary to the “Lazy Stoner” stereotypes that have permeated pop culture for decades, growing weed takes a lot of effort. From moving the plants daily to maximize sunlight to lugging gallons upon gallons of water to the roof, checking the roots, checking the soil, watching for bud rot… cultivating cannabis properly requires constant vigilance. Even when you’re doing everything perfectly, some plants might just not grow. Still, four of the five plants grew to be pretty large — not as large as they would have been had they been planted earlier in the season, but still quite respectable!

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Week 13: The Potlander Knows to Keep Their Plants Dry

Potlander Closeup
Closeup of one of the Potlander’s clones.

The Potlander’s remaining rooftop plants have been doing remarkably well! Afterwards they had to trim a large section from one of the plants for fear of bud rot brought in by the early seasonal rain. If they didn’t take this precaution, they risked losing the entire plant. Fortunately, none of the plants have succumbed to bud rot and appear to be thriving. Four are thriving so well that they’re starting to outgrow their tent!

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Week 12: The Potlander’s Clones have Begun to Flower

The Potlander
The Potlander

The Potlander‘s Annual Rooftop Grow has entered week 12 and, at long last, their plants have begun to flower! The clones have grown a lot since we last saw them six weeks ago, thanks largely to The Potlander’s wise decision to drastically increase the amount of water the plants were receiving. While left unwatered over the weekend, the plants have all been receiving 2.5 to 5 gallons of water every weekday. They’ve also been trimming back dead leaves during each watering session. The clones that have survived are looking outstanding.

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Week 6: The Potlander’s Office Cannabis Grow Hits Six Week Mark. How Are the Plants?

Potlander Clones Week 6
The Potlander’s clones in week six!

Six weeks into The Potlander’s annual Office Cannabis Grow, the staff are sharing some of the lessons they’ve learned along the way. The number one thing they’ve learned so far: Plants need water! They’ve rigged up a system to water the surviving plants more effectively than their previous method of lugging gallons and gallons of water up to the roof. Now, The Potlanders are using a hose directly on the roof and are watering the plants until the water is seeping out of the pots in an attempt to make up for how dehydrated they’ve been.

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Week 1: The Willamette Week’s Potlander Has Begun their Annual Office Cannabis Grow

Potlander's Rooftop Clones
The Potlander’s rooftop grow (Russell Hausfeld)

The staff of The Potlander have a developed a new tradition that most other newspapers would probably find a bit unconventional, to say the least — Every summer, they plant some cannabis clones up on their roof and let nature take its course. Last years grow turned into a bit of a competition. It’s still early enough that they’re not yet sure what this years grow will result in. Satchel is excited to be able to participate this year by providing clones to The Potlander’s growing efforts!

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