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Cannabis Could be Coming to Schools in Washington

.-Cannabis Coming to Schools in Washington?


school busThe parent of a 7-year-old medical marijuana patient is pushing to be allowed to give medication to their child on school grounds. The parent, John Barclay, currently has to pick up his daughter from school at lunch time in order to take her home and give her medication at home. This is disruptive to her education, he argues. The cannabis medication is “liquid gold,” according to Barclay. River, his daughter, suffers from seizures and cannabis has been the only thing that reliably treats them. River is given non-psychoactive CBD edibles in order to treat her seizures, but she needs a second dose at noon. A bill has been proposed in Olympia that would allow giving medical marijuana on school grounds. Consequently children that meet the state’s rules to be a medical marijuana patient would be affected.

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New Study Supports Cannabis as Non-Addictive Pain Reliever

-Cannabis For Pain Relief

cannabis for pain relief

Cannabis For Pain Relief

Science Daily recently reported on a new study looking at cannabis for pain relief. The study was done by Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).

The study shows that cannabis may be helpful for chronic pain. And with fewer side effects and a lower risk of addiction than with opiates. Susan Ingram, PhD., an associate professor at OHSU’s School of Medicine, said, “[cannabis] may be an avenue where we can get better pain medicines that are not addictive.” A reason for this is that our bodies use their own endocannabinoid system. In or in other words our bodies come with a built in cannabis system.

In states with legal cannabis opiate addiction rates have dropped. Data suggests in some cases by as much as 35-55%. For years doctors have pushed opiates from drug companies on patients.  Now our nation is seeing record overdoses from opiates.

Additionally those using cannabis for pain relief vs opiates generally have a better quality of life. With many users reporting feeling more in touch with their surroundings. Opiates generally leave users in a disconnected stupor.

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Cannabis Could Treat Migraines

migraineMigraines are uncomfortable, complex afflictions that many people experience on a regular basis. Contrary to the popular image migraines, migraines are more than just a headache. Migraines frequently include headaches, but other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, discoordination, and disturbed vision. Many people who experience migraines also experience migraine “hangovers” the day following their migraines, due to the intense physical toll that migraines take on the body. Treatments for migraines can include a variety of pharmaceuticals, some of which have nasty side effects or the potential for addiction. However, it may be possible for migraine sufferers to find some relief through cannabis, according to Leafly. Cannabis can be used to treat pain and nausea and has been used as an alternative to opioid painkillers by many. Perhaps cannabis could prove to work wonders for many people experiencing migraines that are looking for alternative treatments.

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Petition Calls for DEA to “Stop Lying” About Cannabis

cannabis flowerThe Weed Blog recently reported on a petition asking President Obama to force the DEA to tell the truth about cannabis. According to the petition, it is “illegal for federal agencies to disseminate incorrect information.” The writers of the petition point out that the DEA has admitted that certain negative claims about cannabis are not based in fact, including the gateway drug theory and cannabis leading to psychosis or brain damage. The DEA’s website continues to distribute information that they’ve elsewhere admitted is false. The petitioners have found 25 instances of contradictory claims on the DEA’s website.

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Portland Makes Steps Towards Fixing Cannabis Regulations

-The city of Portland begins to rebuild rules and around cannabis

portland oregon signPortland’s new mayor is making slow progress. On his claims that he will fix the the city’s mess of cannabis rules. Wheeler has stated that the bureau most need of reform is the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI). And has already replaced ONI’s previous head.

The previous head was Amanda Fritz who was openly hostile to cannabis. Now the industry is hoping for better relations with the new commissioner.  Newly appointed Chloe Eudaly is working with cannabis businesses to streamline the process.  We expect to have a closer working relationship with the city going forward.

Mr. Ausitn has some work left to do with the cannabis rules and issues.

This city is growing rapidly and there are new issues every day. We expect many of the issues of cannabis and the city  will be solved this year.


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