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Latest News: Cannabis Could be Coming to Schools in Washington

school busThe parent of a 7-year-old MMJ in Washington patient in feeling optimistic. The optimism stems from newly introduced laws in the state the capitol. The laws would allow for the use of cannabis on school property. Cannabis that will be used to control the severe seizures suffered by Mr. Rivers daughter. Cannabis is the only thing that relieves the symptoms. As it stands Mr. Rivers gives a dose in the morning before school. After that Mr. Rivers has to pick up his daughter from school and give the second dose. The new rules would solve this problem completely.

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Our state is famous for having the finest cannabis in the nation.

Oregon has a history with cannabis spanning many decades. We here in Oregon grow sticky, smelly, potent and even transcendent cannabis. As a result Oregon is known for producing the dankest buds around.

Why is it so good? Part of it is Oregon’s climate that is perfect for cannabis to flourish, and part of it is the people. A lot of folks in this state have devoted their lives to growing cannabis. Through lots of blood, sweat, tears,  hard work and perseverance.  Learned a thing or two about producing the finest cannabis in the world.

We work with some of the best growers and processors from all over the state. To bring our customers the quality products they deserve and have come to expect from our dispensary. If you’re in the Portland area, we’d love to see you.

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